About Trovercoats

Trovercoats is a small company based in the magical island of Alderney, the most northerly of the Channel Island Group

Toni brought her rescue English Mastiff Jacob to Alderney when she decided to take a break from the UK and stay with her family. Like most Mastiffs he was a softy at hart and really did not like wet weather. Trying to get an 82 kilio dog out through the door to go for a walk on a wet windy evening was something of a pantomime. She tried every type of coat but nothing stayed in place and being such a large dog the weather would blow any coat up over his head. In desperation she ended up taking him out in a home made raincoat of cellotaped bin liners and leg wraps. This was topped off with a black Souwester. What a picture, but what a happy Jacob. Sadly life is short for Giant breeds and he is buried in Alderney’s dog burial plot.

Time passed and Toni’s cousin’s wife Jane had just received a delicate rescue Trixie Belle and she asked Toni what she thought of dog coats as Trixie Belle was so in need of one. Well……………. a long conversation ensued words like, most dog coats are just down sized horse rugs. Dogs and horses move completely differently. Dogs need freedom and comfort when moving. Many coats do not cover the complete back etc etc etc………. Before you know it the Trovercoats system was born offering uk dog coats. Trixie Belle became our first model when she had recovered.

Living on an island it was only one step away to develop the Bone Dry® dog drying coat especially as Trixie Belle would dry herself on the carpet and furniture!! Now she can happily do this without her human getting all excited, lovely. Incidentally she has test driven the prototypes in 30 m.p.h wind yapping happily and on one occasion she decided that she just had to go for a swim (still yapping).

Like most good inventions this was a product developed out of need.