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Double louper fleece

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Wrap Ops™ Registered Design number 6039554

Trovercoats, designed and made on the tiny Channel island of Alderney has, after 15 years of producing the Bone Dry® drying coats for dogs, developed veterinary thermal wraps for small animals.  The challenge of solving the issue of maintaining patient body temperature before, during and after surgical procedures is a topical subject in the veterinary profession right now. Trovercoat’s UK made fabric, used on the drying coats, is being used for the new intra-op wraps.

Wrap Ops™ are made of a double layer of louper fleece. The fleece is a fabric which is extremely hard wearing and forgiving. It is very easy to use, wash and dry. This fleece does not mind being boiled or bleached maintaining reasonable hydrophobic nature.

Wrap Ops™ have longer sides than Trover® drying coats for maximum coverage. The shape of the wrap encourages easy access airway management and monitoring of vital signs. This shaping minimises the need to manage excess fabric when moving the patient.

Wrap Ops™ with many different sizes makes them ideal for thermal maintenance during dentals and other procedures for cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits. Wrap Ops™ could become an important part of Pet First Aid kits helping to maintain core temperature ‘in the field’ and on the way to the veterinary practice.
To date Wrap Ops™ have been used in conjunction with a heat pad and is not tested for laser surgery.

Veterinary Practices only – Orders of more than three items please email info@trovercoats.com with your order and details for quote.

Trovercoats manufactures its own products, and can produce bespoke items or sizes

Size guide

00 Mini Yorkie/ kitten
0 Small cat/small Jack Russell
1 large cat/Westie
2 Persian/Border Terrier
3 Maine Coon/English Cocker Spaniel
4 Working Cocker/ small springer
7 Large Medium dogs e.g. Border Collie
9 Large breeds e.g. Rottweiler
11 longer backed large breeds

Size Guide

00 back 10”/25cm
0 back 12”/30cm
1 back 14”/35cm
2 back 16”/40cm
3 back 18”/45cm
4 back 20”/51cm
7 back 24”/61cm
9 back 26”/66cm
11 back 30”/76cm


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