Got My Back Covered®

The Trover® Bone Dry® dog drying coat is so clever yet so simple. Perfect for working dogs, companion dogs, and any wet dog which needs to dry off. Protect your dog, your home, your car, with this unique dog drying coat used by Veterinary Practices, Canine Hydrotherapy Centres, Groomers and all pet owners alike.

A premium British product. The Bone Dry® drying coat is lined polyester louper fleece which has amazing thermal and wicking properties. The drying coat is easy wash at 40° and dries very quickly. The coats are cottage crafted in the Channel Island of Alderney a genuine British made dog coat.

Trover® Dog Coats know that dogs do just not come in small medium and large so, there are 13 stock sizes. The smallest being 25cm(10″) back, up to 76cm (30″). If you have a problem with your dog being outside the standard sizing please feel free to speak to us for advice and Trover® Dog Coats bespoke service.

Special discount for Dog Clubs, groups, dog spa etc – contact Toni  

Why Buy a Trover® Bone
Dry® dog coat?

  • Reduces risk of stiffness
  • Less mud in your car
  • Less mud in your house
  • Hands free drying
  • No underbelly strap
  • Well-fitting and non-slip
  • Washes at 40º
  • The very best for your Dog

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Why use a Trover® Quick Drying Dog Coat?

To date the Bone Dry® has been used after hydrotherapy drying, after dog bathing and swimming. After working e.g. gun dogs on the ride home in the car, for show preparation and even when going camping. November 2014 The Bone Dry® highlighted its thermal properties when it played a major part in the safe recovery of a dog which had fallen through the ice on a lake in Canada.

Our coats are easy to put your dog and stay in place. A dog coat that really fits in with every life style

Trovercoats knows that dogs do not come in small, medium, and large only sizes

The Bone Dry® has 13 stock sizes.  From Toy to Giant breeds and suits crossbreeds and pedigree.

If your dog is outside the stock sizes or is breed specific Trovercoats has a bespoke service especially for you.