Not every dog needs a coat but all dogs do need to dry off quickly
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  UK patent 2403124B - International patents pending.
UK Registered Design 301 6461
US Patent D 511,865


  Why Buy a Trover ® Bone Dry ® dog coat ?

 Reduces risk of stiffness
Less mud in your car
Less mud in your house
Hands free drying
No underbelly strap
 Well-fitting and non-slip
Looper fleece
Washes at 40º
The very best for  your Dog

'True Blue' 
British Made Products

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Our coats make wonderful Christmas present for dogs . Give us a call to find out more ...

Did you know about our uk dog coats and uk dog and cat beds?

Each of our Trover ®  UK Dog Coats and uk dog beds is made with care , from an exclusive design. At Trover Enterprises Ltd we understand that dogs come in all shapes and sizes; from cross breed puppies to the pure bred Pedigree English Bull Mastiff. A well fitting dog jacket which will not slip will properly benefit your dog. Large dogs need large dog coats, small dogs need small dog coats but any Trover ® Dog Coat will give your pet undreamt of freedom, comfort and style. Each dog coat is lined with looper fleece, from which baby clothes are made, keeping your canine companion snug and warm.

Whatever the weather, there is a Trover ® coat to match. The dog rain coat (Drench), is light and easily carried in your Trover ® Walkies Bag. The winter Town Coat (a fashion item) is smart and warm. The dog drying coat (Bone Dry) can also be used in the heat to keep your hound cool, by dipping in cold water. For the agile K9, the Trover Sport   is “a must” to warm up and warm down at those agility competitions. Apart from our “off the peg range” there are the “made to measure “ Trover ® dog coats  for that extra special present. If your dog's birthday is coming up why not give him/her a dog coat as a gift?

Our dog clothing gives your pet both dignity and style. Finally our special  UK dog coats can sooth the whelping female, or older dog who feels the cold. For dogs with special problems we can find individual solutions from abdominal operations to arthritis.

When you buy a Trover (R) Dog product, click here, to see how you join the Trover(R) team helping  dogs all over the world


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